What we do

Helpful Hounds is an organization dedicated to providing the following three areas of support for our Families and Schools:

Charity Trained Assistance or Therapy Dogs

Helpful Hounds purchases and trains its own specially selected puppies in order to help change a young person’s life and help them achieve their full potential. We are very careful in selection of the Breeder and then the puppy within the litter. These dogs are trained from eight weeks old until they are ready for Partnering (BUT still have lots of cuddles and puppy time).  Each dog will learn at a different speed, just like humans and it could be between eighteen months and two and a half years, before being placed with a Young Person, a School or an Adult.


Carmela’s Toy Poodle puppy, ‘Tinker’, joined the Pet to Assistance Dog programme recently. Already, Tinker has helped Carmela focus more on Tinker and less on her disease. Tinker comforts Carmela when she is feeling lonely or poorly. She, sits with Carmela, watching TV, and goes on adventures in her wheelchair. Tinker also provides l support during difficult and emotional changes in Carmela’s disease.