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Welcome to our website where you can find out more about us, what we do, how you can support us and how you can become one of our families. However, if you have specific questions about our work please feel free to contact us.

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Helpful Hounds is a Charity dedicated to providing the following three areas of support: Charity…

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Autism and Down’s Syndrome: Our Helpful Hounds are specially trained to help young people on…

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Our Helpful Hound, Henry, has made a huge difference to the wellbeing of both our students and staff here at Beaucroft Special School. Every day he helps our students transition from one place to another calmly and safely. He is always happy to greet people with a ‘Henry Hug’ and puts a smile on the face of everyone who meets him. Having made such a huge impact to our school in just one term, we look forward to seeing the positive effects he will bring over the coming years.